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Salt Industrial Applications

Salt Industrial Applications

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Salt  Industrial Applications

The salt  uses  in food sectors in a wide range. Also, one of the most common sectors is in cold weather places, where salt  is employed in roads, streets, and road surfaces to melt the snow and to avoid ice.

In the time of the old ice-cream makers, the salt  was used as insulation of the refrigerating conditions that were needed to make ice-cream edible for the largest time possible. Sometimes salt is used as stain-remover to remove certain stains from clothes, to clean the copper cuttery, to keep the coal hot, to remove smells from containers, to restore sponges after being introduced in salt water, etc. In the old times, it was common to use salt in combination with other substances as the toothpaste.

Another use for the salt is as a descaler agent. It is employed to smooth water out and to avoid that mineral salt is stucked in pipes and drinkable water tanks. It is used in the paper and leather industry (in tannery processes). It is also used in the soap and detergent industry. It is widely used in farming for the feeding of some animals like cows, pigs, horses, etc. Sometimes salt is also used to make antifreeze salt waters. Since 1980s, it is employed in the ecological system of chlorination of water by electrolysis, allowing to sanitise and to keep water clean in swimming pools without the adding of chlorine. In interior design, there are lamps made up of salt.