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What is Texapon?


What is Texapon?

What is Texapon?

Texapon is in the form of jelly and its uses are in health products. Texapon belongs to the family of acyl ether sulfates and is the result of combining a fatty alcohol with ethylene oxide and sulfonation. Texapon has other names that are sometimes called by those names. These names are sodium dod kano sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium dod sil sulfate. Texapon is a very useful chemical that exists in different concentrations of 30% and 70%. In general, Texapon is found in the market in the following two forms.

Shell Texapon:

Shell Texapon is used for the production of detergents and sanitary materials due to its lower purity. They are often used in the production of shampoos and washing liquid.

Texapon N70:

This type of Texapon has a higher percentage of purity than oyster Texapon and is ultimately much clearer; Therefore, they are used in detergents that are transparent.

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