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PE Wax Applications

PE Wax application

PE Wax Applications

PE Wax  Applications

PE Wax in production of plastic and injection products. PE Wax in food and dairy packaging. PE Wax in production of water and sewage pipes and pipes under gas pressure. PE Wax (Polyethylene wax) is used as a waterproofing agent in the production of wood composite boards such as MDF, chipboard, OSB boards and other wood products. PE Wax in making different types of candles, polyethylene wax is used. There are different types of candles and today candles are not used only for lighting. Many of the candles that are produced have a decorative aspect. PE Wax to produce chlorinated paraffin, which is a lubricant and flame retardant in PVC pipes, polyethylene wax is used. PE Wax is also used in metalworking fluids and other lubricants. Refined wax polyethylenes are non-toxic and are used in many food, cosmetics and health products. PE wax is widely used in the cosmetics industry and in products such as moisturizers and sunscreens. PE Wax (Polyethylene wax) is one of the main and important materials of rubber tires and is used to protect the tire and prevent cracking in different types of tires. PE Wax creates a protective layer between the rubber surface and the air. PE Wax in polishing wooden floors, which is to protect the floors, goes back many years. The polyethylene wax in the polishing slows down the penetration of air and moisture in the flooring, thus prolonging the life of the flooring and wearing it out later.

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