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Bitumen 60/70 Penetration Test Method

Bitumen 60/70 penetration test

Bitumen 60/70 Penetration Test Method

Bitumen 60/70 Penetration Test Method

Bitumen 60/70 Penetration Test Method is: heat bitumen 60/70 to about 60 degrees or to a temperature higher than the softening point and then pour it into a special container. This container has a diameter of 5.5 cm and a height of 3.5 cm. It should be ensured that the bitumen 60/70 surface is completely smooth and without bubbles. A spatula can be used to smooth the bitumen surface. We expose the container containing the bitumen 60/70 to the laboratory air so that the bitumen cools down. Then we put the container of bitumen in a hot water bath with a temperature of 25 degrees, so that after an hour and a half, the bitumen 60/70 reaches a balance with the water in the bath. Remove the container from the hot water bath and dry its surface with a cotton towel. We place the container under the device for determining the degree of penetration so that the tip of the needle and the tip of its image coincide with each other on the shiny surface of the bitumen 60/70. Now we set the degree of the device to zero and by hitting the stopwatch, the needle weighing 100 grams with its accessories is released, and within 5 seconds, the amount of penetration of the needle is read and recorded on the graduated screen.

This test is performed 5 to 10 times for each sample (each container) and the obtained values are recorded. Note that the obtained values are in tenths of millimeters. You should make sure that the distance between the needle penetrates the bitumen 60/70 is almost the same distance from each other and not too close to the edge of the container to reduce the test error. This number of tests will reduce the test error. The average of the obtained numbers will be the amount of bitumen 60/70 penetration.

Bitumen 60/70 penetration test performance

Bitumen 60/70 penetration test normally performing in laboratory under standard test method and conditions. Some factories have their own laboratory and doing Bitumen 60/70 penetration test. However for buying and be confidence about the test results, customers prefer to do this test by a 3rd party inspection supervising in a nonindependent laboratory.

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